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Quantic News

By: Vauxd - April 2nd

Moving to Facebook...

Well, I think it's time to move our website.  I don't think this site gets very much use and I think it might be more productive (and free!) on Facebook.  


If you don't have a Facebook account, I'd say set one up with your WoW toon name and just friend me and get in the new Quantic group.  We can do pretty much everything there we did here, it just won't look as nice (that's assuming you liked the look to begin with, lol).


You can find me at and the group address is though I'm not sure what happens if you just go to the group address, maybe someone can tell me if there's like a request membership button or something cause that would be handy.

  • Avivi: Yup, there's an Ask to Join button when you follow the group's URL.
By: Vauxd - March 27th

Deathwing Dead!!

Grats to all who participated in destroying the destroyer and grats to those who helped out along the way!! It was a stunning kill and will be remembered almost as vividly as killing the Lich King with a fishing pole!

  • Khaned: Amazing work by all
By: Vauxd - March 8th

Corrupted Firehawk Mount


Now THIS is a pretty looking mount.. and rare...  BUT, it's obtainable!  Obviously would require some work, but I'm thinking if people were up for it, we focus on getting this guy for the team.  It's the [Corrupted Egg of Millagazor] and is the reward from completing the Glory of the Firelands achievement.


That encompasses doing the achievements for each Firelands encounter except Ragnaros and defeating each of the bosses on heroic, again excluding Ragnaros.  With our gear levels now I think this is possible.  We could strongly encourage people to visit the website and I can post detailed strategies for each part.


Was thinking this could take place during normal raid times Tue/Thur after taking down Deathwing, but alternating it week to week.  So, FL the week after defeating DW, then DS the week after, and on and on.  Or we take a couple of weeks and focus on this, or we do something else.  Thoughts?


(I'm thinking the image will hopefully grab people's attention and comment!  Will also mention during the raid tonight to come chime in!  Someone remind me though in case I don't say anything about it!)

  • Azurdan: Az want!
  • Eledwen: I think we should extend the DS id raid in order to get DW killed asap. We are geared for that fight, we just need to get practice, but i´m not sure we´ll be able to do it if we start fresh every week. Not because of skills, but because of time.
  • Eledwen: Even if we go super fast, with no wipes, i think we can only get to ultraxion in 1h30min (tuesday). That will leave only 1h300 on thursday to kill warmaster, spine and then madness (that will require several tries to beat).
  • Vauxd: Good point, I went through everyone and almost everyone has their 4-piece and looks like there aren't any more gear upgrades available. So I'm onboard with this! (Maybe we even use Shardo's lockout on Tuesday to skip the airship)
  • Eledwen: even better. I hate that fight. =P
  • Azurdan: I don't have my 4-piece yet, not that I want it, and I'm still looking for a ring. Plus we've already proven that we can get to the gunship with enough time left for a couple tries at it. I'm not ready to extend the lockout just yet.
  • Vauxd: Let's go another week then without extending and see if we can't grab a few final pieces of gear. If I can get either gloves or chest then I can get my 4-piece which would be a very nice raid cooldown (bonus healing). Then we can vote and see if people want to extend it into next week to finish of Deathwing.
By: Vauxd - February 20th

New polls in the Members Forum - Go Vote!!

What night is best if we added a new once a month raid in additional to our current schedule? What would you want to attempt on that night?

By: Vauxd - February 15th

Spine of Deathwing here we come...

Okay, since only a few people are reading this, I won't do a huge write-up. Also, most people have done this on LFR so they know what it looks like, but 10 man mode changes things up a bit.

The main change is that the Corruptions (the burning tentacles) actually DO something now!

Healers - they put a debuff on a random raid member - Searing Plasma - that will absorb 200,000 healing and hit them for 10k damage about every 10 seconds. They have to be healed for the 200k to get the debuff off.

Fiery Grip is their other ability. They target a random raid member and stun them, dealing 60k damage every 3 seconds. In order to break this, you have to dps the corruption for about 20% of its health until it releases the person. DPS needs to stop immediately after they've been released as this will happen multiple times and we don't want the corruption to die spawning another amalgamation.

Because of these abilities, we start off the fight killing 3 tentacles right away and then forcing Deathwing to do a barrel roll, getting rid of the 3 spawned amalgamations. When the barrel roll is happening, everyone needs to get in one of the holes where the corruptions were and they will be safe.

Other than that, the tendon phase will be a lot tighter on dps requirements.

We will give this fight a go with 1 tank, 2 healers, and the rest dps and see how that goes. If the healing is too much then we can add a 3rd healer.

  • Azurdan: So lazy. If you don't do the full write up then only a few people will look at it. lol
  • Eledwen: yeah, dps must be high to kill tendons in 23 sec. Wowpedia suggests to blow all cooldowns on 1st one, use potions on 2nd and heroism on the 3rd.
  • Vauxd: After last night's kill with 3 healers, we'll try 3 healers to begin with here as well. Still just 1 tank to help with 1-phase tendon kills, but if we're way off mark or way over the mark, then we'll do 2 tanks..
  • Eledwen: I talked to Kub (he is my guildie who is on raiding DS with another guild) and he told me they do Spine with 2 healers only. He also said we cant afford to miss a tendon kill or the fight will be unhealable in the end. I´m not sure if Z and i can 2-heal that, but if Kub can, i must be able to do it too (heh, we´re a bit competitive on healing).
  • Eledwen: maybe 2 healers / 2 tanks and have Khaned take all the bloods that overrun us in the end? Just a thought...
  • Vauxd: Yeah, I think we're gonna have to go with 2 tanks, every time we had 2 plates off the bloods were crazy.. Let's try 2 healers to begin with, if we can't get close to killing the tendons in one go then let's go back to 3 and try a mana conservation strategy and see if we can outlast the damage..
By: Vauxd - January 24th

New forum post!

I posted a It's really quite amazing, I cried, I laughed, I loved, I hated. All those emotions and more!

If you have time, check it out and respond with an equal flood of emotions. Lol ;)

  • Avivi: Looks like nobody's here but us chickens. :C
  • Vauxd: Bok bok bok! I should probably make a note in guild news or something to see if that entices people to visit.
By: Vauxd - January 12th

Why imbue the Dragon Soul twice?

Lore is pretty cool, it's what makes the game even more interesting for people who like that kinda stuff.  Sure, there are outcasts like Morganah who like to tell jokes to the Lich King when we're about to fight him and then smack him with a fishing pole, but there are also the people who enjoy a good, deep story.


So Az had a great question, and so I looked around a bit and found the answer given by the loremasters themselves!  Below is an excerpt from a really good read on Blizzard's site, a short story called Charge of the Aspects.  (Click link to see the full story)



"Even if every living mortal faced Deathwing, it would matter not," Alexstrasza said.  "He has been twisted by the Old Gods' dark energies.  No physical assault, however immense, can destroy him.  He must be... unmade.  His very essence must be unraveled, and the Dragon Soul alone has the power to do so."


"But only with you at our side," Kalec added.  "The artifact was imbued with the essences of the four Aspects, but Deathwing never imparted his into it.  If we are to use this weapon to defeat him, we must infuse it with the power of the Earth-Warder.  You, Thrall, possess a portion, however small, of that exact thing: the essence of Azeroth itself."



And there you have it!  Pretty awesome!!

  • Avivi: See? Told ya. Needed more Thrall. -_-
  • Avivi: Oh god, can't stop reading.
  • Vauxd: It's good stuff, and I know want a 'More Thrall' t-shirt.. You could make millions!
  • Azurdan: Thanks for saying I had a great question. I'm sure most of the raid group didn't really care about it at all.
  • Eledwen: I care a lot for lore. Thats why i liked WotLK so much, the lore about Arthas was awesome.
  • Eledwen: I even felt sorry for Arthas when we killed the Lich King, Poor guy... poor Jaina,
By: Vauxd - January 9th

Back up...

The site is back up! Also, Saturday I got an email from my vent provider that the server ours was on blew up and so needed to be set up again. It's up again and I'm getting the DNS stuff in order. Will need a new port and new password that I have.

  • Avivi: YAY!!!
  • Avivi: Might want to update our progression/latest achievement. :-p
By: Vauxd - December 5th

Ultraxion - Dragon Soul Boss #5



Ultraxion is a one phase encounter that requires 2 tanks.  He berserks at 6 minutes and so this is basically a heals and dps check fight.  Depending on the dps, we might be able to only use 2 healers in order to have 6 dps but we shall see.




This phase requires almost zero movement from raid members, with the exception being a little movement from healers to go click on a crystal and then run back in the group.  We are on a platform with Ultraxion hovering in front of it.  To make up for not being able to get behind him, Ultraxion is not able to parry.


The first ability that Ultraxion has is one we shouldn't see.  It's called Twilight Burst and he will only cast this if there is no one in range of his melee attacks.  All party members should be in a nice tight group in front of him to benefit from AoE heals so this should never be a problem.


Unstable Monstrosity is the source of AoE damage in this encounter.  This will be cast every 6 seconds at the start for 300,000 damage split between everyone, so 30k per person.  The hard part is that every minute that goes by, reduces the time this is cast.  So minute 2 he casts it every 5 seconds, minute 3 is 4 seconds, until we get to the final minute before his enrage where it is cast every second - crazy damage!!


Now, for the next few abilities the biggest mechanic you will need to learn is the additional ability you will get called Heroic Will.  Heroic Will will pull you out of the Twilight Realm and thus away from Ultraxion.  You will be unable to move or dps when you do this but will be safe.  There are only 2 times where you are ever going to want to use this as since it is a dps race, you don't want to be not dpsing.


Ultraxion casts a spell call Fading Light which will be cast on the current tank and 1 other random member.  This lasts from 5-10 seconds on a person, and when it ends if they are in the Twilight Realm, they die.  What needs to happen is when you have about 2 seconds left on the debuff, hit your Heroic Will button to jump out of the Twilight Realm.  When the debuff runs out, you will be pulled back in and able to resume.  The tank on the other hand will have their threat wiped and not able to generate threat.  I've read with good timing one tank can still be used, but this is where the 2nd tank would taunt and take over to avoid any problems.


The last major ability Ultraxion has is Hour of Twilight which is pretty devastating if you read the tooltip.  This is a 5 second cast and again, people will need to use Heroic Will to get out of the Twilight Realm with about 2 seconds to go (again, in order to maximize dps).  But, one person will have to stay behind to take the 300k damage due to the mechanic of it.  Most likely it will be the DK that can pop a magic shield.




To help out with this fight, the Aspects are going to provide some nice buffs.  At the start of the battle, Thrall will give tanks the Last Defender of Azeroth buff.  This is super sweet in that it doubles the duration on our defensive cooldowns and halves the cooldown on them, rockin'!!!


Healers have 3 different buffs and it will be determined which buff benefits which healers the most.  This is where the movement comes in, the healer will have to run back to the Aspects and click on a crystal to get the appropriate buff.


First up, the red crystal is given about a minute and a half in to the fight.  It grants the buff Gift of Life and makes the healers spells heal for twice their normal amount.  This buff most benefits Resto Druids and Resto Shamans.


2 and a half minutes into the fight, the green Essence of Dreams buff becomes available.  This buff causes all of a healer's direct heals to also replicate to the rest of the raid evenly as an AoE heal.  This will benefit those with big heals, like Holy Pallies and Resto Shamans work for this too.


3 and a half minutes into the fight, the blue Source of Magic buff because available.  This buff reduces the cost of healing by 75% and increases haste by 100%!!!  This is most beneficial for spamming AoE heals as quickly as possible for little cost and will most benefit a Holy Priest's Prayer of Healing or a Holy Pally's Holy Radiance.


The last buff is Timeloop which is cast on every raid member at 5 minutes in.  This basically gives you a 1-up and when you would die, you are instead given full health.  Nice!  So we can use this to either eat an Hour of Twilight so we can continue a dps rotation or just use it as a lifeline and do things normal.


Whew!  So that's the fight, 6 minutes to do 56.6 million damage.  With 2 tanks and 3 healers that's 28k dps per damage dealer and 10k dps per tank.  I think it can be done once we get the Heroic Will button sorted out and everyone hits the groove.

  • Azurdan: I'm not sure I can do that much dps.
By: Vauxd - November 29th

4.3 is OUT!!!

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